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CalGal -- Thursday, July 04, 2002 -- 07:35:57 PM

How-tos, tips, recipes.

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Ellie Mayhem -- Friday, November 19, 2004 -- 10:28:36 PM -- 3526 of 13465

I think you'd be okay with the cheesecake, but it's too early for the pumpkin. It would start to weep probably and get the crust soggy.

JennyD -- Friday, November 19, 2004 -- 10:28:37 PM -- 3527 of 13465

I'd think the fillings would be fine, but won't the crusts get soggy?

JayKay -- Friday, November 19, 2004 -- 10:30:29 PM -- 3528 of 13465

Well, the cheesecake is basically getting a nut (almond, likely) crust, so maybe that'd be okay. You're probably right about the pumpkin, though.

I just don't want to be up all night Wednesday baking (I'm doing an apple pie too).

Nancy T. -- Friday, November 19, 2004 -- 11:27:46 PM -- 3529 of 13465
We bloviate on a whole lot of different subjects. We might as well bloviate on this.

Dammit, I really shouldn't read this thread when I'm hungry. I am literally salivating at the thought of those toe-curling lemon bars.

Julia M. -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 04:01:22 PM -- 3530 of 13465
Domo arigato Rob Halford!

I just posted my gingerbread cake in Only Recipes, JayKay. I really like it - it's one of those recipes where the result is way out of proportion with the amount of effort expended. In the good way.

Ratty Ingalls Wilder -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 04:02:24 PM -- 3531 of 13465
Sometimes I worked all day in the field for $3.00 a day. Sometimes I worked all day in field for $2.00 a day, and sometimes I worked all day for $1.00 a day. We had many chickens and other animals. I love animals.


Alizarin -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 04:10:28 PM -- 3532 of 13465
Singles rule the world, feeding on fresh blood

Sounds good.

Is there any reason you don't cream the butter first, Julia? (I'm genuinely curious, not trying to be snarky.)

Julia M. -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 04:34:50 PM -- 3533 of 13465
Domo arigato Rob Halford!

No reason. It works perfectly fine without doing so, so it's never occurred to me to add another step or monkey around with the recipe.

(Also not being snarky.)

Alizarin -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 05:17:10 PM -- 3534 of 13465
Singles rule the world, feeding on fresh blood

Cool. Thanks.

Elizabeth K -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 08:13:45 PM -- 3535 of 13465
I love Jesus, but I drink a little

I have a cheesecake squares recipe that calls for using a 9 inch pan. I'm assuming they mean 9 inch square, which I could not find at Target. So my options are to use an 8 inch square or a 9x13. Which should I use?

Ellie Mayhem -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 08:51:03 PM -- 3536 of 13465

8" square, bake a little longer at a little lower heat. Of course I'm a big fan of baking cheesecake really slowly.

Julia M. -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 10:05:34 PM -- 3537 of 13465
Domo arigato Rob Halford!

EK, you can also rig up a dam type of thing for your 9x13 pan with a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil.

Elizabeth K -- Saturday, November 20, 2004 -- 11:52:03 PM -- 3538 of 13465
I love Jesus, but I drink a little

Hmmm, that thought never even occured to me!

This recipe is from Cooking Light, so it really is barely considered cheesecake.

Julia M. -- Sunday, November 21, 2004 -- 12:31:36 AM -- 3539 of 13465
Domo arigato Rob Halford!

I forgot to say earlier that you can hold the damn dam in place by filling the unused side with dry beans.

Ellie Mayhem -- Sunday, November 21, 2004 -- 12:38:18 AM -- 3540 of 13465

Julia's right, use beans. Using your teeth is a bad idea. First of all, foil hurts to chew, secondly, dental dams are a mess.

JayKay -- Monday, November 22, 2004 -- 07:38:45 PM -- 3541 of 13465

Thanks, Julia, for the gingerbread recipe!

Mogget -- Monday, November 22, 2004 -- 08:35:02 PM -- 3542 of 13465

Found this & it looks most intriguing: Chez Panisse Gingersnaps. Gingerbread with milk chocolate chunks sounds tasty as well.

Andrea -- Wednesday, November 24, 2004 -- 03:06:24 AM -- 3543 of 13465
Potato Beatrix

The lemon bars (crust, anyway) are in the oven. I just peeked and the surface is riddled with little cracks. Eep!

Elizabeth K -- Wednesday, November 24, 2004 -- 03:17:26 AM -- 3544 of 13465
I love Jesus, but I drink a little

I ended up purchasing a 9x8 pan at Crate & Barrel. It's far superior to my crummy 8x8. The cheesecake squares were delish, but a bit runny in the middle. I think it may have been under cooked.

Also, I was a bit ill this morning and I blame licking the batter spoon. Raw eggs and all that.

CalGal -- Wednesday, November 24, 2004 -- 03:18:46 AM -- 3545 of 13465
I remember a time, back in the late 90s, when I thought nonsense like this mattered somewhat more than I do now. Now I see well-educated people yammering about the birth control choices of their daughters, or gay marriage, and I think they are morons.

Oh please. Your health record is appalling, and you want to blame the eggs?

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The Perfect World >> Domestic Sphere >> Baking