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The Perfect World >> Finance, Careers, & Education >> Job stuff.

Job stuff.

ErinPooh -- Saturday, July 20, 2002 -- 12:25:37 AM

Bring your job-related challenges, gripes, triumphs here!

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rachelkg -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 05:10:53 PM -- 14 of 17108
There's not an iota of kindness in you

In other news, our users are really really annoying. When a problem comes up, they like to come up with a workaround, stop using the feature they have a problem with, and never tell us. Also, the bossman for the group that uses our software is absolutely impossible when it comes to thinking and talking about software options and future needs (he likes to declare flat-out that they'll never need a thing without understanding what the thing is, and gets all angry and abrupt when you try to explain the issue, since after all he's the bossman and he TOLD you it wasn't important), but half the time when you try to do factfinding with the users, they pass you off to him.

J-Ro -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 06:08:28 PM -- 15 of 17108
It will all be OK in the end. If it isn't OK, it isn't the end.

I would like a second, mindless, job where I could put in about 10 hours a week for the remainder of the year to get out of debt.

debby -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 06:32:26 PM -- 16 of 17108
lighten up

well depending on your prices I don't think it would take more than 10 hours/week to get all my laundry done. Do you iron?

ErinPooh -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 06:34:36 PM -- 17 of 17108

The partner is now flat out refusing to give us software that will take us no more than 2-3 days to develop against. $5,000/year...for 2-3 days of development time. Oh, and by the way: they may or may not be able to provide some marketing opportunities.


J-Ro -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 07:37:19 PM -- 18 of 17108
It will all be OK in the end. If it isn't OK, it isn't the end.

I would iron for money.

shawi -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 07:49:06 PM -- 19 of 17108
Use it up; Wear it out; Make do; Or do without

LC - Thanks for the link.

j-ro - There is not enough money in the world to make me iron. I have been known to completely re-wash laundry that I didn't get out of the dryer quick enough just to avoid ironing it.

When I was forced to change careers (disabling accident), first I took a bunch of aptitude tests to see what I would be good at. They said I'd be good at anything. I took a bunch more tests to see if my personality/interests could be matched to a career or set of careers. They said I had widely diverse interests and would be happy doing almost anything.

So, I picked this career with one motivating factor - Making enough money to have my own house and a HOUSEKEEPER.

Funny thing is, turns out I'm too paranoid to have a housekeeper. I've never been able to hire one because the idea of having someone else in my house with my stuff squicks me out.


debby -- Tuesday, July 23, 2002 -- 08:56:39 PM -- 20 of 17108
lighten up

OK j-ro - who would pay the fedex charges? Or should I just have the consort drop stuff off when he's out that way?

Pebbles -- Wednesday, July 24, 2002 -- 02:09:32 PM -- 21 of 17108
It's okay, I looked it up on the internet.

j-ro, what about catering? I used to work for an economist who did catering on the side (both in the office as a research assistant, and in the evenings as a bartender/server). She just did a few jobs here and there, and had certain things she made really well. You could be a kosher caterer, which I'd bet would be pretty popular.

lime -- Wednesday, July 24, 2002 -- 02:42:23 PM -- 22 of 17108
you can fight it, or you can rock out to it

Catering would also provide a chance to press the children into unpaid labor. Which can be a plus. <g>

VanPear -- Wednesday, July 24, 2002 -- 03:07:48 PM -- 23 of 17108

I just want to report that I've got the best boss. Not only has he nearly talked his VP into promoting me, he's basically letting me write the revised job description geared toward what I'm most interested in moving toward and finding ways to download some of more rote stuff. It'll need to be reviewed and approved by all the corporate people, of course, but still. All bosses should be like him.

ErinPooh -- Wednesday, July 24, 2002 -- 06:50:45 PM -- 24 of 17108

The technology chief here is getting me a new laptop. He just came by to ask if I had a printer.

I said "No, you gonna get me one?"

He said, "Do you want want one?"

I said, "Yes!"

They like me, they really, really like me.

rachelkg -- Wednesday, July 24, 2002 -- 09:32:20 PM -- 25 of 17108
There's not an iota of kindness in you

Gargh. There's a system here that I've been involved in supporting for years, which has been "about to go away" for most if not all of that time. The system that's supposed to replace it has been written and put into production use, but the new thing is missing a set of features that the old one has. This is because (1) it has been frequently and loudly asserted that these features are only necessary for finishing genomes, not for finishing BACs; this is not true, although it is true that *most* BACs can be finished without them and (2) at a critical stage in the development of the new system, it was loudly asserted that the company wasn't going to finish any more genomes: this was also not true. Nobody's working on getting these features into the new system, and the man-hours haven't been budgeted for it; the theory is, if we get a certain grant that requires us to already have those capabilities and a bunch of others, then we can afford to start writing.

So. The old system is getting quite dinosauriffic -- it was written as a proof-of-concept that got pushed into production use, and since then the other systems that it depends on have been replaced. The muckety-mucks have been keeping support for the old system at a minimum life-support-only level since it's after all "going away soon". The most recent surgery happened early this year, and since I was only in one day a week at that point, the responsibility for cobbling together a way for the old system to work in the new environment fell to someone else.

I just got a request to add a BAC to the old system; it now turns out that, since it's "going away soon", the workaround to allow the old finishing system to work with the new data pipeline is (1) largely manual and (2) not suited to after-the-fact requests like this. Running around like chickens with heads cut off will ensue.

dirt track date -- Wednesday, July 24, 2002 -- 09:34:08 PM -- 26 of 17108
Shit is fucked up and bullshit


ErinPooh -- Thursday, July 25, 2002 -- 12:15:22 AM -- 27 of 17108

The same thing happens in marketing all the time. You know, the "chicken with the head cut off" thing.

dirt track date -- Thursday, July 25, 2002 -- 12:50:35 PM -- 28 of 17108
Shit is fucked up and bullshit

My yeehaw was directed at Erin--didn't mean to cheer about chicken beheading!

rms -- Thursday, July 25, 2002 -- 01:14:20 PM -- 29 of 17108

Pebbles, wanna chat on the Grants and Proposals thread? I'm assisting in a small way with a grant on health disparities, and will probably be looking into grants for health resources in libraries pretty soon.

rms -- Thursday, July 25, 2002 -- 01:26:18 PM -- 30 of 17108

Aaacckkk! Once again, an instructor has brought a class to the library without telling us in advance. Why? Because she didn't want to bother us, and decided she would do the library instruction herself.

I can do a library instruction session on 5 minutes notice, and I have. Instructors who haven't USED the library since 1970 have no business instructing students!!! And I'm going to throw away that damned Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature one of these days.

These are developmental (remedial) students. They deserve our best efforts, and they should be show the simplest and most efficient ways to use our resources. Librarians are the experts on library resources, so why not USE us?

Pebbles -- Thursday, July 25, 2002 -- 03:54:55 PM -- 31 of 17108
It's okay, I looked it up on the internet.

rms, you have to really advertise. (i'll go look at the grants thread).

Decca -- Saturday, July 27, 2002 -- 02:49:35 PM -- 32 of 17108
"Lack of the faculty for success in homemaking, while biologically abnormal, is no disgrace."

rms, I wish you were the librarian at my school. The librarians here basically just taught my students how to do internet searches - no databases, no physical orientation to the library, nothing. I gave up in disgust and just started taking them myself.

So can you guys help someone (me) who is clueless about corporate office politics? I am temping at Mega Mega Insurance Company that will remain nameless except to say they are fond of Snoopy. Most of the people are very nice and personable and have told me how grateful they are for my help. Two questions:

1. What do I do when whoever gives me a task to do (sorting a mailing, organizing the files) apologizes because this is such a boring, mindless job? Am I supposed to agree?? Mostly, I've just been smiling and saying, "oh, it's just fine!" I mean, I am being paid to do the mindless work; I didn't expect to come there and process claims.

2. How do you deal with the kindly old gentleman manager? He keeps asking me how I am doing, and I feel like I am acting like a little girl. This is hard to explain, but does anyone know what I mean?

StephanieD -- Saturday, July 27, 2002 -- 03:19:44 PM -- 33 of 17108

1. I think that's fine. Sometimes I say something like "Oh, it's all part of the job!" Just anything to indicate you are cheerfully doing whatever is assigned to you.

2. Does he remind you of your grandpa or something?? Since this is a temp job, I wouldn't worry too much about this unless this is a place you'd like to get a permanent job and you worry that you're being condescended to. When he asks how you're doing, say something like "Fine, thanks--I'm learning the ropes" or "Great--I seem to be getting the hang of it."

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The Perfect World >> Finance, Careers, & Education >> Job stuff.