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Around The World
November 25
Ferguson Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Darren Wilson
related link: Some violence erupts in response

posted by CalGal at 03:33am
November 12
Rosetta / Philae mission to comet successful
related link: Riding the comet

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 05:24pm
November 06
Maureen O'Hara to receive honorary Oscar
related link: Curtain call for 94-year-old star of The Quiet Man

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 01:05am
October 24
Sergeant-at-Arms shoots Canadian gunman dead
related link: Kevin Vickers given standing ovation

"Yesterday, during extraordinary circumstances, security personnel demonstrated professionalism and courage. I am grateful and proud to be part of this team," he said.

(Pic via Ace of Spades as I cannot find it on any mamby-pamby mainstream media source.)

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 04:24am
September 27
Clooney Marries
related link: Waves goodbye to mourning millions

posted by CalGal at 11:52pm
September 20
Life Inside the Ebola Outbreak
related link: CNN

posted by CalGal at 09:26pm
August 24
Napa experiences 6.0 quake, dozens injured.
related link: Largest quake to hit area since Loma Prieta

posted by CalGal at 04:12pm
August 21
August 20
ISIS appears to behead captured journalist in video
related link: NY Daily News

This is Foley shortly before he was kidnapped. For more recent, gruesome images, see link.

posted by CalGal at 12:02am
August 13
Wonder Woman's career taking off
related link: Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot Joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal'

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 02:58pm
July 20
Lionel Ferbos, the longest-tenured jazz trumpeter in New Orleans, dies at 103
related link:

posted by theDowager at 07:29pm
July 14
Germany wins World Cup in Overtime
related link: Sports Illustrated

posted by CalGal at 01:30am
June 23
Late goal gives Portugal 2-2 draw with United States
related link: This is, I am assured, a bad thing.

posted by CalGal at 03:21am
May 25
Deadly Shooting in Isla Vista
related link: Killer stabs three at his home, then kills 4 more in drive-by shootings

posted by CalGal at 04:27am
May 15
282 mining deaths lead to protest in Turkey
related link: BBC

I've got your government right here:

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 07:36pm
May 05
TPW Closing Down?
related link: Please read options here.

posted by CalGal at 09:20pm
April 18
March 25
Mudslide in Washington
related link: 14 confirmed dead, many more feared

posted by CalGal at 03:39am
March 15
Missing Malaysian plane flew for over seven more hours
related link: More evidence plane was hijacked

Remote islands are now "in the hunt" for the plane.

posted by CalGal at 04:41pm
March 02
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