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Around The World
March 03
Netanyahu speaks to Congress
related link: Rare joint session with foreign leader

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 05:56pm
January 25
Trying to read scrolls from Herculaneum
related link: Hard to read burnt, rolled-up vellum

A huge library of scrolls was found at Herculaneum, and Napoleon brought them back to France. They shatter if you try to open them. Big synchrotrons and a lot of software may make them readable. Lost works for the Greeks and Romans are likely here. And it's thought that there's another library, yet unopened.

posted by duck at 01:36am
January 13
Seattle Dog Rides the Bus
related link: Dog On the Bus

Dog sometimes hops on bus alone, gets off at Seattle dog park

A black Labrador named Eclipse just wants to get to the dog park. So if her owner takes too long finishing his cigarette, and their bus arrives, she climbs aboard solo and rides to her Seattle stop.

KOMO-TV reports that local radio host Miles Montgomery was amazed to see the pooch get off the bus, without an owner, at a dog park last week.

The dog and her owner, Jeff Young, live near a bus stop.

Young says his dog sometimes gets on the bus without him and he catches up with her at the dog park three or four stops away.

Continue reading Seattle Dog Rides the Bus

posted by duck at 08:08pm
January 11
Largest rally in French history
related link: Chicgo Tribune

"An official said at least 3.7 million people took part around France in the unity against terrorism, more than the numbers who took to Paris streets when the Allies liberated the city from the Nazis in World War II."

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 08:17pm
January 07
Terror attack in Paris, 12 Killed. Gunmen still at large.
related link: Lead cartoonists at French satirical magazine killed.

posted by CalGal at 03:09pm
December 15
Sydney cafe under siege
related link: Sydney siege: five hostages flee Lindt cafe as police provide update on crisis live

Been going for 12 hours now, as at time of posting. Massive exclusion zone in the centre of Sydney. Main thing media has picked up on as it started this morning: the guys with the guns made the hostages unfurl an Islamic flag (the First Pillar of Islam are the words on the flag) and hold it up against the windows.

posted by caitlen at 11:02am
December 10
November 25
Ferguson Grand Jury Refuses to Indict Darren Wilson
related link: Some violence erupts in response

posted by CalGal at 03:33am
November 12
Rosetta / Philae mission to comet successful
related link: Riding the comet

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 05:24pm
November 06
Maureen O'Hara to receive honorary Oscar
related link: Curtain call for 94-year-old star of The Quiet Man

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 01:05am
October 24
Sergeant-at-Arms shoots Canadian gunman dead
related link: Kevin Vickers given standing ovation

"Yesterday, during extraordinary circumstances, security personnel demonstrated professionalism and courage. I am grateful and proud to be part of this team," he said.

(Pic via Ace of Spades as I cannot find it on any mamby-pamby mainstream media source.)

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 04:24am
September 27
Clooney Marries
related link: Waves goodbye to mourning millions

posted by CalGal at 11:52pm
September 20
Life Inside the Ebola Outbreak
related link: CNN

posted by CalGal at 09:26pm
August 24
Napa experiences 6.0 quake, dozens injured.
related link: Largest quake to hit area since Loma Prieta

posted by CalGal at 04:12pm
August 21
August 20
ISIS appears to behead captured journalist in video
related link: NY Daily News

This is Foley shortly before he was kidnapped. For more recent, gruesome images, see link.

posted by CalGal at 12:02am
August 13
Wonder Woman's career taking off
related link: Wonder Woman Actress Gal Gadot Joins Kevin Costner in 'Criminal'

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 02:58pm
July 20
Lionel Ferbos, the longest-tenured jazz trumpeter in New Orleans, dies at 103
related link:

posted by theDowager at 07:29pm
July 14
Germany wins World Cup in Overtime
related link: Sports Illustrated

posted by CalGal at 01:30am
June 23
Late goal gives Portugal 2-2 draw with United States
related link: This is, I am assured, a bad thing.

posted by CalGal at 03:21am
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