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Around The World
July 10
George Clooney had a motorcycle accident
related link: He looks great, though.

posted by CalGal at 02:47pm
June 27
Justice Kennedy Retires
related link: Trump gets his second Supreme Court nomination

Think there's been too much partisan rancor lately?

Kennedy says, "Hold my beer."

posted by CalGal at 09:48pm
April 26
Golden State Killer Caught!
related link: Notorious Serial Killer is Arrested 32 Years After His Last Known Murder

Joseph James DeAngelo at age 72.

... around the age of 25.

posted by Pincher Martin at 12:08am
February 05
Markets Plummet!
related link: Dow's nearly 1,600-point plunge marks its biggest one-day point drop ever

Ends day down 1175.

posted by Pincher Martin at 10:36pm
January 31
Trump's SOTU A Smashing Success
related link: 3 Out of 4 Viewers Approve of Presidential Speech

posted by Pincher Martin at 07:00pm
January 24
November 07
Shooting in Sutherland Church
related link: Texas Church Shooting: Who Were the Victims of the Sutherland Springs Massacre?

A pastor friend of mine posed the question: If we were founding the United States today, would we have a Second Amendment? Are we satisfied with this state of affairs?

posted by Damara at 08:19pm
October 10
October 02
Mass Shooting at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
related link: Jason Aldean concert underway when attack began; reports of two shooters

posted by CalGal at 07:52am
September 27
Kurds opt for independence
related link: 93 percent vote yes

Also on Wednesday, parliament voted to approve a 13-point resolution giving Mr Abadi the mandate to deploy troops in Kirkuk, which has been under KRG control since Kurdish forces began to wrest control of the country back from Isis, although the prime minister stressed that force would not be utliised to avoid a "fight between Iraqi citizens."

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 09:12pm
September 25
AfD surges in Germany
related link: Merkel wins fourth term

She says: "Of course we had hoped for a better result."

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 02:55am
September 04
NK tests hydrogen bomb
related link: Mattis warns of total annihilation of North

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Sunday shot back at North Korea's claimed test of a hydrogen bomb with a blunt threat, saying the U.S. will answer any threat from the North with a "massive military response — a response both effective and overwhelming." Earlier, President Donald Trump threatened to halt all trade with countries doing business with the North, a veiled warning to China, and faulted South Korea for its "talk of appeasement."

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 12:57am
August 27
Harvey causing epic catastrophic flooding in Houston
related link: More Rain Expected

posted by CalGal at 09:19pm
Mayweather Finishes McGregor in Exciting and Competitive Bout
related link: Money Wins Via 10th-Round TKO

posted by Pincher Martin at 06:16am
June 13
Golden State Takes Second Title in Three Years
related link: Kevin Durant is Finals MVP

posted by Pincher Martin at 05:44am
June 10
Cavaliers Roll Over Warriors to Avoid Sweep
related link: Set Playoff Record for Three-Pointers

posted by Pincher Martin at 05:18am
June 08
Older Homo Sapiens found
related link: Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story

“This gives us a completely different picture of the evolution of our species. It goes much further back in time, but also the very process of evolution is different to what we thought,” Hublin told the Guardian. “It looks like our species was already present probably all over Africa by 300,000 years ago."

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 03:44pm
June 05
Curry's Triple-Double leads Warriors to Game 2 Victory
related link: Durant Adds 33 Points In Domination of Cavs

posted by Pincher Martin at 03:50am
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