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Around The World
April 18
March 25
Mudslide in Washington
related link: 14 confirmed dead, many more feared

posted by CalGal at 03:39am
March 15
Missing Malaysian plane flew for over seven more hours
related link: More evidence plane was hijacked

Remote islands are now "in the hunt" for the plane.

posted by CalGal at 04:41pm
March 02
February 17
Bode Miller, bronze at 36 in Super-G
related link: Andrew Weibrecht of USA stuns with silver

But Jansrud wins it all.

posted by CalGal at 06:03am
February 15
US Beats Russia in Hockey
related link: Tie leads to shoot-out

posted by CalGal at 03:47pm
January 20
Niners Super Bowl Hopes Dashed
related link: Broncos win over Patriots for AFC

posted by CalGal at 06:26pm
January 01
Happy New Year!

posted by CalGal at 09:51am
December 10
World of Spycraft? The NSA on World of Warcraft
related link: ZDNet

It seems the NSA gets everywhere, including such popular multi-player online games as Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

posted by theDowager at 04:11pm
December 08
The Crazy Ants
related link: NYTimes

Great read. Scary story.

posted by CalGal at 04:01pm
December 05
Entire Brand New 13 Story Building Tips over in Shanghai
related link: Gawker

posted by CalGal at 11:14pm
November 23
Very Well Aged: Archaeologists Say Ancient Wine Cellar Found
related link: WSJ

Discovery in Israel thought to date back 3,700 years.

posted by theDowager at 04:24pm
November 08
Super Typhoon Haiyan smashes into Philippines
related link: Telegraph

Four people killed as a typhoon thought to be the most powerful ever to make landfall hits the Philippines, bringing with it winds close to 200 miles per hour.

posted by theDowager at 12:35pm
October 31
Home at last: Red Sox win World Series title at Fenway
related link: For the first time since 1918, Red Sox win at home

posted by CalGal at 04:34am
October 20
NASA Releases Stunning Portrait of Saturn
related link: link

posted by theDowager at 02:34pm
October 14
Senate Leaders close in on deal
related link: So they say

posted by CalGal at 11:58pm
September 22
September 16
Navy Yard Gunman Shoots at Least 3
related link: WPost

posted by CalGal at 03:06pm
September 05
Pentagon estimate says 75,000 ground troops needed...
related link: to secure chemical weapons

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 01:37am
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