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Around The World
May 24
Cosby Ordered to Stand Trial
related link: Comedian Faces Sexual Assault Charges in 2004 Case

posted by Pincher Martin at 06:16pm
May 23
May 19
Curry's Flurry Ties Series
related link: Steph Curry goes supernova, Warriors shine in Game 2

posted by Pincher Martin at 07:23am
May 17
May 10

Curry scores 17 points in overtime to break all-time record for points in a five-minute period

posted by Pincher Martin at 07:16am
May 06
London elects Muslim mayor
related link: Labour lawmaker replaces Conservative Boris Johnson

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 11:09pm
May 04
Cruz Out After Trump Cruises to Victory in Indiana
related link: Ted Cruz Suspends Campaign After Hoosier State Primary Loss

posted by Pincher Martin at 03:16am
April 28
Gisele Teaches Jimmy How to Strut
related link: Retired runway model Gisele Bundchen teaches Jimmy Fallon her catwalk secrets on The Tonight Show

This link provided to get the double-barrel of Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina's faces off the top of the front page.

You're welcome, America.

posted by Pincher Martin at 05:02pm
April 27
Godzilla and Mothra team up to fight Ghidorah
related link: Can Carly Fiorina Save Ted Cruz’s Candidacy?

Waiting in the wings: Bride of Frankenstein.

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 11:54pm
Severe weather hits Oklahoma
related link: Nebraska has big hail

Even cats took cover:

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 01:53pm
Trump Blows By Kasich and Cruz in Northeast
related link: Smashes rivals in all five contests

posted by Pincher Martin at 04:30am
April 21
Prince Dead
related link: Prince found dead at Paisley Park

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 06:46pm
April 20
Trump Wins Home State With Landslide
related link: Trump Crushes Competition in New York

"L is for losers, Ted."

posted by Pincher Martin at 05:08am
April 14
Kobe Scores Sixty in Final Game
related link: Throws up fifty shots in farewell finale

posted by Pincher Martin at 06:18am
April 11
Jordan Spieth Meltdown at Amen Corner Gives Green Jacket to Englishman
related link: Danny Willett wins Masters after Jordan Spieth's collapse

posted by Pincher Martin at 03:04am
April 08
Warriors Win 70
related link: Warriors become 2nd NBA team to reach milestone, beat Spurs 112-101

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors reached a milestone that only Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls have achieved in the history of the NBA.

All that's left for Golden State to do now is win three more games and become the winningest team of them all.

posted by Pincher Martin at 08:41am
March 26
Belgium Fears Nuclear Terrorism
related link: Brussels Attacks: Nuclear Officer Found Dead, Security Pass Stolen

Belgium is on high alert after a security officer for a nuclear plant was found dead with his work pass stolen.

The concerning development, which occurred on Thursday but was only reported today by Dernière Heure, comes after concerns the Brussels bombers had been plotting to create a radioactive “dirty bomb” that would scatter nuclear material in a crowded public place.

The security officer was reportedly shot dead as he walked his dog in the city of Charleroi. Authorities quickly cancelled his pass.

While the motive for the murder remains unknown, police are looking into the theory he was killed to steal his pass and gain access to a nuclear facility.

Continue reading Belgium Fears Nuclear Terrorism

posted by Pincher Martin at 04:57pm
Goodbye to Gary Shandling
related link: New Hork Times

posted by Aaron Burr at 03:27am
November 13
Paris rocked by explosions and shootouts leaving dozens dead
related link: Washington Post

President Hollande has closed the borders. (about time!)

posted by CalGal at 11:50pm
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